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What we do

QuantumX is reshaping the capital markets industry and exploring transformational business ideas in the fintech sector.
We collaborate with our clients to move fast and safe towards the adoption of new disruptive technologies building the solutions over the current market infrastructure in compliance with legal and tax regulation.

We offer white label Platforms as a Service (PaaS), based on cloud-native modular structures and agile development methodology. Digital securities platforms reduce the need for multitudes of auditors and accountants for cross-checking the counterparty’s transaction records, reducing reconciliation costs and bringing greater automation and efficiency to the process.

Public Securities:

Our platforms can be integrated to regulated entities such as banks, stock exchanges, and CSDs to issue and manage public securities such as bonds, equity, and funds.

Private Securities:

Our platforms can issue, custody and manage private securities such as private debt, private equity, real estate assets, and investment funds.

Use Cases

Our modular and flexible infrastructure allows to customize solutions for different use cases. It enables efficient automation for the issuance and administration of multiple financial instruments (traditional and alternative).

Private Debt

Issuance and administration of debt securities such as bonds, loans and convertible notes.

Private Equity

Listing of private companies and equity funds, and cap table management.

Real Estate

Real Estate Funds tokenization and secondary market access for fractional ownership.

Venture Capital

Funds tokenization, cap table management and bussiness valuations.

How we do it

QuantumX succesfully integrates traditional technology with serverless applications, implementing open source Blockchain technologies where standardized financial instruments are represented as Smart Contracts. We use the same core infrastructure to build each customized platform:

  • • Legal compliance solutions by design.
  • • Advanced data encryption protocols for security.
  • • Serverless architecture for delivering scalability and reducing operating costs.
  • • Zero-knowledge proofs for private and public Blockchain platforms.
  • • Universal token standards to facilitate the interoperability between different financial ecosystems.

QuantumX integrates legacy systems and protocols through common standards such as SWIFT messaging, facilitating customized solutions. We use the most used Blockchains standards, making our platforms compatible with public and private networks as Ethereum, Hyper Ledger, Corda, and Quorum.


Workflow Automation
Modular Arquitecture
Regulatory Compliant
Blockchain Agnostic
Serverless Infrastructure
Real-Time Monitoring
Platforms Interoperability
Settlement Time Reduction
Reduced Counterparty Risk
Reduced Operational Costs
Encrypted Data
User Friendly Interfaces


We look forward to hearing from financial institutions, corporations, investments funds, real estate companies and investors.

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